Domaine Bairaktaris is housed in a modern and functional winery at the entrance of Nemea and aims to produce high quality wines.

The modern and visitable winery, surrounded by the famous vineyard of Agiorgitiko, consists of the reception area, the production process area and the cellar. 

The reception area consists of a tasting room that can accommodate up to 50 people and a retail store where you can buy your favorite wines.

The production area has state-of-the-art technological equipment, utilizing all modern vinification methods, so that each variety can deliver its best features.

The cellar of the estate is located in an underground area with stable temperature and humidity conditions. Red varieties spend an important part of their life in this area, including maturing in oak barrels or amphorae and aging in the bottle.

On the occasion of Nemea wine estate, Domaine Bairaktaris invests in the quality and the cultivation of the idea of ​​vine and wine as a cultural asset.